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Submitted by on Mar 22, 2018

Almas Ambulance Services with superior patient transfer through air ambulance and
an elevated standard of care and management through Almas Ambulance Services.
We provide complete bed-side to bed-side transfer.
We repatriate domestic and international patients using specially equipped fixed
wing aircraft\’s, commercial jets & helicopters.

We have shifted more than 8500 patient\’s in last 15 years through our air
ambulance as air ambulance services and commercial stretchers as Almas Ambulance
Services. We have shifted more than 600 patient\’s globally through our world wild air ambulance and commercial stretchers, as an international air ambulance.

Air Ambulance Services:
We serve every patient with dedicated staff and doctors and our motto is to serve
humanity at its best as every life matters for us. Our doctors have experience of
more than 16 years in repatriating patients globally. We provide corporate
aviation services which include aircraft charter, private charter services,
helicopter charter, helicopter rental services, air ambulance and rail ambulance
services. We also operate Air Ambulance Services in Maharashtra, Air Ambulance in
Services in Gujarat, Air Ambulance Services in Orissa, Air Ambulance Services in Madhya
Pradesh, Air Ambulance Services in Assam, Air Ambulance Services in West Bengal,
Air Ambulance Services in Jharkhand, Air Ambulance Services in Chhattisgarh,
Air Ambulance Services in Rajasthan, Air Ambulance Services in Uttar Pradesh,
Air Ambulance Services in Bihar, Air Ambulance Services in Punjab, Air Ambulance
Services in Himachal Pradesh, Air Ambulance Services in Uttarakhand,
Air Ambulance Services in Jammu Kashmir.

Our services comprise: ground transportation, well-trained doctors, and nursing staff experienced to handle any kind of emergencies specialized air transfer in dedicated jets & commercial airlines and other services as required. Our air ambulance services are of worldwide norms that are managed by highly experienced and qualified personnel. Our doctors are approachable 24 hours a day and propose the most suitable and economical solution for your transport.


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