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Submitted by on Feb 6, 2018

AMB life is an online platform that allows private ambulance service carriers around the globe to register their ambulance and other ancillary services on its platform. People can choose services based on country, state, city or even their own location. Both air ambulances as well ground ambulance services in New Delhi can be booked based on their rating and review.
One company named AMB life is trying to break this trend. Rather than focusing on B2C and stationing a fleet of air and ground ambulances, they have invited private ambulance service providers to register their main and ancillary services on their website. This vast catalogue will then be made available to customers. By aggregating all service providers on one platform it not just ends up giving them access to more ready-to-buy customer base but also act as means to eliminate inferior services – the two most sought after business requirements. The aggregator business model has its own advantages – for service providers, customers and the aggregator itself.
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